FAQ on living and working in Finland

How much does it cost to live in Finland? How much money will I need per month?

Your actual living costs may vary according to how much you need to reserve for rent, food, transport and other such matters – including your own spending habits. Please refer to the section 'cost of living'. The minimum amount required (of non-EU nationals) is currently at least 560 € per month or 6720 € per year, but it is recommended that you prepare for 700-900€ per month or even more, depending a bit on where in Finland you will study.

Furthermore, valid health insurance is required of non-EU/EEA students - they must have insurance cover when applying for a residence permit, since without it, a residence permit cannot be granted. Please contact the Finnish embassy in your home country, or visit the Finnish Immigration Service website www.migri.fi for more detailed information on the official requirements for visas and student residence permits.

If I find a part-time job, do I need a work permit or can I work with my student residence permit?

Non-EU citizens studying in Finland can work up to 25 hours per week part-time with their student residence permit, during term times. During holidays (specifically the summer and Christmas holidays) there is no such limitation of working hours. You do not need a work permit if your part-time work stays within these limits. Remember however that your residence permit to Finland has been granted on the basis of your studies, so when applying for the extension of your student residence permit you are expected to show that you have advanced in your studies. Otherwise you might not be granted a student residence permit extension.

If you are an EU/EEA citizen, or a Nordic citizen, you can work during your studies without any limitation. However, remember that you are also expected to show advancement in your studies.

We at CIMO/Study in Finland do not have any information on possible part-time jobs or open job vacancies, but please refer to our section 'Working' for related links and advice.

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