Education system in Finland

The Finnish welfare society is built on education, culture and knowledge. We see education as a key factor in enhancing our competitiveness. The aims of Finnish educational policy are quality, efficiency, equality and internationalisation.

The Finnish educational system offers equal opportunities of education for all, irrespective of matters of residency, sex, economic situation or linguistic and cultural background.

Our educational system consists of:

  • one year of voluntary pre-primary education
  • nine years of primary education (comprehensive school)
  • upper secondary education, which consists of vocational and general education
  • higher education in universities and polytechnics (universities of applied sciences, UAS)

Diagram: Education system in Finland

Finland is officially a bilingual country, so the language of teaching is either Finnish or Swedish. Additionally the Finnish higher educational institutions provide close to 500 degree and non-degree programmes in English. Please refer to the Study programmes database to browse through these options!

You can find a list of the higher education institutions in the 'Where to study' section.

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