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Primary education - basic schooling begins when you're seven

Children in Finland begin their primary education when they reach seven years of age.

Pre-school education is intended for six-year olds, who will start their compulsory education in the following year. At the moment over 90 % of the age group participate in the voluntary pre-school education.

Comprehensive school a.k.a. basic education provides a nine-year educational programme (with a voluntary 10th year) for all school-age children, beginning at the age of seven. The school network covers the whole country.

Comprehensive schools are primarily run by local authorities, with the exception of a few private schools. The broad national objectives and the allocation of teaching time to instruction in different subjects, subject groups and pupil counseling are regulated by the government.

The National Board of Education decides on the objectives and core content by confirming the core curriculum. Based on these, each provider of education prepares the local basic education curriculum.

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