Highest quality in education and research

Our national education policy, excellent basic education and competitive student admission underpin the high standards in Finnish higher education.

The Finnish attitude to studying follows an approach that benefits the individual: students are challenged and encouraged to think for themselves. Teaching in our universities is based on research and the institutions’ specific expertise. These high-quality study programmes combine in-depth research with the needs of your future working life.

At universities of applied sciences (UAS) Research & Development is the basis for teaching. Co-operation with local industries boosts learning outcomes as the education is shaped to answer the needs and expectations of both industry and commerce.

The professors that guide you on your way are approachable experts in their fields.

Quality controls

Our quality assurance system is enhancement-oriented, aiming at improving the study and learning experience for all students. Independent audits of the quality control systems of higher education institutions are conducted by FINEEC, The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre. The criteria used in auditing these quality as-surance systems are made public, as are all the final reports.

The audit evaluates the effectiveness of the system, issuing recommendations for its improvement and highlighting best practices. A successful higher education institution is awarded an audit certificate indicating that it has been successfully audited.

Since the quality assurance system is designed to benefit students, student involvement in auditing is an automatic requirement.