Over 400 full degree programmes available in English

All together Finnish higher education institutions offer over 400 English-taught programmes to choose from. This means that all lectures, literature, and exams are provided in English. These full degree programmes offer an official Finnish higher education Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree.

Additionally, non-degree programmes, which are offered by some institutions, can be taken as part of an exchange period.

You can browse through these English-taught degree programmes by using the search function on the Studyinfo.fi application site, or by visiting the universities' own Admissions Info pages.

Finland is famous for excellent standards in education. Our teachers are highly valued professionals who constantly work to meet the varied and individualized needs of their students. Finnish expertise is deeply celebrated worldwide in the fields of ICT, biotechnology, forestry and environmental sciences, education, architecture, design and art.

English is our third, unofficial language, and you can expect most Finns on- and off-campus to speak it fluently.