Erasmus Mundus Joint Degree courses

You can apply for a scholarship to follow one of the existing high-level Erasmus Mundus programmes at masters or doctoral level, offered by a consortium of European and non-European higher education institutions.

You will study in at least two of the participating institutions and be awarded a joint or double/multiple degree at the end of your studies. You can find listings of those consortia including Finnish higher education institutions below.

Generous EU-funded scholarships cover the participation costs, travel to Europe, a living allowance and insurance.

You apply directly to the consortium, which carries out a competitive selection procedure for scholarship places, open to candidates from around the world. Application deadlines vary from one Erasmus Mundus programme to another - generally, however the applications for admission with Erasmus Mundus scholarships fall between the period November-January.

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees are two-year full degree programmes.

Finnish universities are currently taking part in the delivery of the following Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees. The ones marked with three asterisks (***) are coordinated by a Finnish university. The degree courses without an asterisk have Finnish universities acting as partner institutions. Clicking a link may therefore take you to a non-Finnish university's site. That is the coordinating institution in that case, and you need to apply to the programme in question through that particular university.

x = Availability of Erasmus Mundus scholarships as yet pending (Dec 2014)

One Finnish UAS (university of applied sciences) acts a partner institution in an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree:

Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorates

Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorates are doctoral-level training and research programmes, offering fellowships covering up to three years of doctoral activities. Currently, one Finnish university is involved as a partner in an Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate:

How to apply?

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees: applications for entry and for scholarships are always submitted to the coordinating university of each consortium offering the Erasmus Mundus programme in question. You can find detailed information on how and when to apply on the home pages of the Erasmus Mundus programme consortia. Please refer to the listings above, and contact the programme consortium you are interested in directly!

Those interested in applying to the Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorates and scholarships should similarly contact the consortium offering the Joint Doctorate for more information on courses and application procedures.

The Erasmus Mundus scholarships are always applied through the consortium offering the programme - you can get detailed information on the scholarship options directly from the university consortia.

Interested in finding out more about Erasmus Mundus?

For more information on Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus+ programmes, please visit the EU Commission websites:

Further note to Doctoral candidates and researchers...

Many opportunities are also offered to doctoral candidates and researchers through the Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions, please see links in the section EU scholarships.

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