FAQ on transfer studies

I am currently studying for a degree at a university outside Finland, but I would like to transfer my credits to Finland and finish my degree studies there. Is this possible?

In most cases, direct transfer of unfinished degree studies to a Finnish higher education institution may not be an option. But ultimately, only the Finnish university/UAS you're interested in can answer this question.

There is usually no ready-made procedure for such study transfer. You will need to contact the higher education institution of your choice directly yourself, and inquire about whether such a study transfer arrangement is possible, and if yes, under which conditions.

Before contacting any Finnish institution about this, however, please carefully read the following.

A few points you must bear in mind

Generally speaking, it is likely that the Finnish higher education institutions will only accept students through the regular application procedures, and thus any 'mid-studies' transfer of degree student status (i.e. transfer of non-finished qualifications) from institutions abroad may not be an available option.

Remember that

  • the Finnish institutions only offer a limited number of new study placements per year in each degree programme (that is, the number of students admitted annually is limited)
  • the fact that you have been accepted as a degree student in your current home university does not as such grant you degree student admission into a Finnish university or UAS

What options do I have, if transfer is not possible?

Finnish universities and UAS’s mainly only accept students via their regular admission routes and their own admission procedures – please see section How to apply

It is recommended that when applying to Finnish higher education you do so with a completed qualifications.

If you wish to apply to a Bachelor's programme in Finland while you are currently already enrolled in higher education at some university abroad, you may be required to apply for undergraduate admission along with the other applicants (who mainly are applying with their secondary school leaving certificates), during the appropriate application period. Similarly, if you’re currently studying for a Master’s degree, you most probably would need to apply with your Bachelor’s certificate “from the beginning” as it were, if interested continuing towards a Master’s in Finland.

Then, if you pass the Finnish institution’s admission procedures and are admitted as a degree student, you may after your admission be able to receive some course compensation based on your earlier studies abroad; but note that this is completely at the discretion of the Finnish higher education institution in question.

In case of Bachelor’s level students - especially if you already have a year or two of Bachelor's studies behind you- it might be a more advisable path to complete your Bachelor's at your current home university, and then apply to a Master's programme in Finland after that.

But I have heard about transfer student options in Finland! What's all that about?

The Finnish higher education institutions do offer some options for study transfer, but this usually refers to those students who already have been accepted into a Finnish university or UAS and wish to apply for a transfer from one Finnish institution to another. Such transfers are sometimes possible, but usually only from a corresponding institution / programme to another. If you are already studying in Finland, then you can turn to your home university/UAS for detailed information on this option and the related conditions and requirements.

Transfer from a foreign institution to Finland is usually not possible (see above), unless your home institution and a Finnish university/UAS have a separate agreement on this - for example in connection with a joint degree / double degree programme. If so, please turn to the student Services of your hosting Finnish university/UAS for guidance.