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How to apply

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How to apply?

First of all, please note that the academic year in Finland can be divided into two terms:

  • Autumn term (the start of the academic year; from late August/early September to mid-December approximately)
  • Spring term (from early January to the end of May).

Most degree programmes only offer admission to the autumn term intake, but there may be individual exceptions for example in some UAS Bachelor's programmes.

Am I eligible? What are the entry requirements?

Your eligibility to any given degree course is ultimately decided on by the Finnish university/UAS you're applying to. Also, the entry requirements vary from one degree course to another. This is why you must always check this kind of details on the Admissions pages of the university/UAS you're considering applying to. You can find the individual institutions' Admissions pages listed at the section Where to study?.

But first please read the general information in the section Eligibility criteria. For advice on English proficiency requirements (IELTS/TOEFL etc.) please see the section on Language requirements.

Where and when to submit your application

The application routes and application periods may depend on the level and degree course are applying to. Please refer to the appropriate section on this website for more info:

Bachelor's Admissions

Master's Admissions

Doctoral Admissions

I have a question about my application. Where to find detailed information?

Please note that we at Study in Finland are not involved in the actual application procedures. So - if you have any questions relating to your application, this is how you should proceed:

You can find the institutions' own Admissions pages listed in the Where to study? section of this site - on those Admissions pages you will also find the Admissions Offices' contact details.

Very important - the use of educational agencies or consultancies

It is not advisable to use any fee-charging consultancies or agencies when submittion your application. Please see the section Use of educational agencies for some reasons why!

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