We strongly recommend that you apply independently - please refer to the below pages for info on how, when and where!

What the official Finnish admissions sites say about the use of educational agencies...

Use of Educational Agencies

You may have come across study abroad agents or educational consultancies advertising their services for prospec-tive students. While there is nothing inherently wrong in contacting a third-party advisory service or organisation for general study abroad information, you should not let any agency or consultancy submit or process an application on your behalf when applying to Finnish higher education.

Complete your application independently

We do not recommend the use of any educational agency or consultancy when submitting your application. You should fill in your application forms yourself, using your own personal contact details. This ensures that all important information from the university/UAS you are applying to reaches you personally and directly.

Start by reading the general information in the sections Your Steps to Finland and How to Apply on this website.

For more detailed information and advice, you can refer to:

If you need to ask about your application

If you need to ask about some particular detail of your application, the Admissions Office of the university/UAS you’re applying to is the best place to ask. They do not charge any fees for their advisory services.

Official information on higher education in Finland in general is also available from the Finnish embassies around the world, the Finnish National Board of Education, and the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

In case an educational agency claims to represent a Finnish university or UAS

While it is not very common, in some individual cases a Finnish university/UAS may have a cooperation agreement with some particular educational agency. We recommend that you always check the validity of this kind of representa-tive agents' claims directly with the Finnish university/UAS in question, before using the services of the agency.