We strongly recommend that you apply independently - please refer to the below pages for info on how, when and where!

What the official Finnish admissions sites say about the use of educational agencies...

Use of Educational Agencies

Can I apply through an agency?

In some cases a Finnish university/UAS may have a cooperation agreement with some particular educational agency. We recommend that, before using any agency, you check with the Admissions Services of the Finnish university/UAS whether the agency in question cooperates with them in student admissions.

If the answer is yes, you can safely use the agency's services.

But if the Finnish university/UAS you are applying informs you they do not cooperate with any such agency, it is better if you complete your application independently. Start by reading the general information in the sections Your Steps to Finland and How to Apply on this website.

For more detailed information and advice, you can refer to:

If you need to ask about your application

If you need to ask about some particular detail of your application, the Admissions Services of the university/UAS you’re applying to is the best place to ask. They do not charge any fees for their advisory services.

If you need a student visa / residence permit

Official information and advice on student visas and residence permits is available from the Finnish Immigration Service Migri, and the Finnish embassies around the world.