A checklist to guide you through the basics of coming to study in Finland!

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Your steps to Finland

Interested in studying in Finland? Not sure how to proceed? Below you can find the essential things to consider in a nutshell!

1. Find the right degree programme
2. Check the entry requirements
3. Check how and when to apply
4. Plan your finances
5. Visa / Student residence permit
6. Accommodation and other practicalities
7. Where to turn if you need advice?

Find the right programme

Finnish universities and UAS's offer a large number of English-taught degree courses on Bachelor's, Master' and Doctoral level.

If you already know the university/UAS you wish to study at, you can go directly to their Admissions Pages.

Check the entry requirements

Entry requirements are always degree course specific. You must therefore check the detailed requirements on the university/UAS websites.

You can also find the entry requirements listed in the degree course descriptions on the Studyinfo.fi application page.

Answers to some common questions:

Check how and when to apply

The starting point for submitting applications is the Studyinfo.fi website. The application period however depends on the degree course.

You can find general advice on how and when to apply in the section 'How to apply?'.

For detailed admissions-related queries, you should turn to the university/UAS Admissions Offices for guidance.

Answers to some common questions:

Plan your finances

NB: the possible introduction of tuition fees to non-EU/EEA citizens is still under discussion. Follow our tuition fees page for updates!

Whether you need to pay tuition fees or not, you should have a realistic plan on how you will be funding your study period in Finland.

Scholarships in Finland are currently mainly only available for Doctoral/PhD level studies and research.

Visa / Student residence permit

If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen, you usually need a student residence permit before you can come to Finland. Make sure you understand the difference between a short-term visa and a student residence permit.

When applying for a student residence permit, you must have a valid health insurance, and you must also show that you have enough financing to cover your living costs.

Accommodation and other practicalities

If you are admitted, you can start arranging the practical aspects of your student life in Finland. Your hosting Finnish institution can advice you best on local student accommodation options and other such matters, but you can also find some general information on our website.

If you need advice

You can find most of your questions answered on this website, see the advice above. You might wish to see our FAQ section too.

Also remember to read through all the advice given on the universities' own web sites!

If you still have some questions...

We hope the above checklist assists you!

-Study in Finland team

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