Universities promote research and scientific learning

The mission of academic Arts and Science universities is to promote free research, promote scientific and artistic education, provide higher education based on research, and educate students to serve their country and humanity in general.

Finnish universities traditionally enjoy significant autonomy. Thanks to the reformed Finnish Universities Act universities gained an independent legal status as corporations subject to public law or foundations subject to private law. This increased the autonomy of the universities further and gave them more latitude in the management of their finances. There are currently 14 universities operating under the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. You can find them all listed below.

Universities confer Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, and post-graduate Licentiate and Doctoral degrees. For those who wish to study in English, Finnish universities provide 270 Master’s degree programmes, and over 60 special Doctoral programmes.

You can use the Study programmes database to find English-language degree study options in different fields. Naturally you will also find information on the English-language degree study options on the institutions' own websites listed below.

Visit the universities' Admissions pages for more information!

If interested in applying to university degree programmes, please visit the individual universities' Admission sites:

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