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Living in Finland

Whether you are just considering studies in Finland, or have already been accepted to a degree programme at a Finnish university or university of applied sciences (UAS), in this section you can find some important information and issues you should consider before your arrival and also during your stay in Finland.

This section briefly lists the essential things you need to take into account, and then directs you to the right sources for detailed information. Please refer to the subsections to learn more!

You should bear in mind, however, that a single web page like this can not be all-encompassing source of information on these issues. These pages can only provide you with general outlines. For example, the detailed requirements and ways to proceed in these issues may depend on your nationality. Therefore, it is essential that you always check with the appropriate authorities in Finland or your home country which rules and procedures concern you, in your particular situation.

Other sources of information

In addition to the general links provided on these pages, you can also find useful information from:

  • The university/UAS you will be studying at (many higher education institutions and student unions provide ‘welcome guides’ and tutoring services for international students)
  • The web site of the city/town you’ll be living in (public transport, sports facilities, medical services, etc.)

Social media, Internet discussion boards

You can find student groups on websites like Facebook, or on various different web discussion boards. This kind of ‘peer-to-peer information’ you may find on web forums can be quite helpful, however, when it comes to important matters like application requirements or visas/residence permits, it is always recommended you check with the relevant authorities whether the information you have received on an informal web discussion board is correct.

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