This is Finland

2016 Practical Matters Main pic

photo: Kreetta Järvenpää

Practical Matters

When moving to new country, your to-do list can seem endless. On this page, we aim to make things a little easier, by providing you with the most important practical matters you’ll need to take into consideration before and during your studies in Finland.


  • Temporary visa (you may need this for a short-time visit)
  • Student residence permit (= long-term student visa)
  • Insurance and health
  • Student accommodation
  • Cost of living
  • Working in Finland during & after studies

Be sure to know, that a single web page like this can’t be an all-encompassing source of information – we only offer you the general outlines. You always need to check with the appropriate authorities in Finland or your home country, which rules and procedures concern your particular situation.

Other sources of information

  • University/University of Applied Sciences you will be studying at
  • Website of your new home town (public transport, sports facilities, medical services, etc.)
  • Social media channels (peer advice from students, and so on - always check important matters from relevant authorities!)