After graduation

photo: Satu Haavisto

After graduation

You successfully completed your studies and are now thinking of your next move? Then finding employment or pursuing further studies in Finland is an option that should not go unnoticed! Learn more about the possibilities that await you:

  • Studying further in Finland, see section How to apply
  • Seeking employment in Finland, see section Working

Extended residence permit to look for employment

If you have a residence permit for studies, you may apply for an extended permit so you can look for work after you have completed your degree. See the Migri website for more information.

Permanent residence in Finland, citizenship

After you have resided on a 'continuous' basis for a certain time in Finland after your graduation, for example as an employed person, it is also possible to apply for permanent residence. Please see the Migri website for info on the rules and requirements for this. You can also find information there on the detailed requirements and procedures to acquire Finnish citizenship.

Diploma Supplement

When graduating from a Finnish university or UAS, you will automatically receive an English-language Diploma Supplement from your institution to complement the actual Finnish degree diploma.

The Diploma Supplement is an appendix to your Finnish diploma. It is not a substitute for the original diploma, nor does it automatically guarantee recognition of the qualification, but it can assist you in using your Finnish degree in international contexts - when applying for a job or further studies, for example.

Find more information on the Diploma supplement on the Europass pages at

Recognition of studies

Recognition of your Finnish degree abroad

If further education or employment abroad is your choice, you may need to apply for recognition of your Finnish qualifications from the receiving foreign university or employer. The recognition decisions are ultimately made in the country you are seeking the recognition in, without Finnish authorities or institutions having direct influence on the result.

However, when applying for recognition of your Finnish qualification abroad, either for study or employment pu-poses, you can make use of the Diploma Supplement. If necessary, you may also apply to the Finnish National Agency for Education for a specific statement on your Finnish qualification.

Recognition of your foreign qualifications in Finland

If you have completed your secondary education, diploma or degree abroad, and are planning to come to Finland for either further studies or to look for a job, you usually need to have your earlier studies recognised.

• Academic recognition: The recognition of your earlier educational certificates is always carried out at the higher education institution you are applying to. The universities and UAS's independently decide on your eligibility for further studies in connection with the application process. See section How to apply for more information.

• Professional recognition: Seeking employment in Finland with a foreign academic or professional qualification may require that your foreign qualification is recognised by the Finnish authorities. More information on professional recognition is available on the Finnish National Agency for Education web site at