After studies

When you have graduated, you may decide that you would like to find full-time employment in Finland. It is normally a good idea to prepare yourself in advance for the actual job hunting, already before graduation. Bear in mind that if you manage to find a part-time job in your field while you are still studying, this may act as a springboard to full-time employment.

The Career Services of your home university or UAS can help you get started by providing advice on how to look for jobs after your graduation. Note that they may, for example, arrange job fairs in cooperation with prospective employers, or organise job searching skills seminars and other information sessions. Please contact the Career Services at your hosting institution to learn more about what services they provide, and also consult the following network sites for advice and links:

The general advice concerning part-time jobs in the section Working during studies is also valid when it comes to seeking permanent employment after your studies, so please also refer to the advice found in that section.

One-year residence permit extension to look for employment

Non-EU students who have stayed in Finland on a student residence permit, can apply for an additional residence permit after their graduation to search for work. This can be granted as an extended residence permit for up to one year. If you then find employment, you can then of course apply for a new residence permit based on this employment.

You need to apply for a residence permit for seeking work in Finland during the time your permit granted for studies is still valid.

Please refer to the Finnish Immigration Service Migri pages and the website of the Finnish Police for detailed residence permit extension information for foreign students.

Permanent residence in Finland

After you have resided on a 'continous' basis for a certain time in Finland after your graduation, for example as an employed person, it is also possible to apply for permanent residence. Please see the website of the Finnish Police for detailed info on the rules and requirements for this.

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