Contact your hosting Finnish university or UAS for detailed info on accessibility options for international students!

General information on accessibility and disabled persons services in Finland


The Finnish universities and UAS’s provide services for disabled or special needs students, to promote accessible education for all. These services may include for example:

  • wheelchair accessibility on campus premises
  • accessible learning environments
  • technical aid or extended time in examinations
  • student accommodation options reserved for disabled students, etc.

It is important to note however that the available accessibility services can vary from one institution to another. You should check the university/UAS websites for detailed information on what kind of accessibility services your future home university/UAS has on offer. For instance, the physical accessibility of campus premises may vary depending on the Faculty/Department, especially on those campus sections that consist of older buildings.

We recommend that you discuss your special needs and requirements with the Admissions Office of the Finnish university/UAS of your choice well in advance, preferably already at the time of applying. Please remember to provide the university/UAS with detailed information on what kind of support and special arrangements you might need during your studies.

Do note that if you are not a permanent resident of Finland and require for example a personal assistant, special transportation services, interpreter or translation services, or need to purchase some special equipment, you should be prepared to cover the costs independently. Generally speaking, the municipally or nationally arranged social services for disabled persons only cover those permanently residing in Finland.

It is also worth bearing in mind that, while they usually do provide some basic accessibility services, the universities/UAS’s are not likely to have any special grants of other financial assistance for disabled students.

Contact the Admissions Office of your hosting Finnish university or UAS to find out more about the accessibility services they offer!