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CIMO scholarships

CIMO (Centre for International Mobility) offers a number of scholarship programmes for Doctoral level studies and research at Finnish universities. They are targeted at all academic fields, with the exception of the scholarships for advanced-level degree students of the Finnish language, which are specific to that particular field.

Please note: CIMO does not have any scholarship programmes or other financial assistance available for Bachelor’s or Master’s level degree studies in Finland, or post-Doctoral students. Neither do we have any grants for beginner’s-level studies of Finnish or Swedish. (However, other funding possibilities may apply to you - please refer to the other sections in the left-hand menu under Tuition and scholarships.)

CIMO currently administers the following scholarship programmes:

Please click on the appropriate section, or follow the left-hand menu navigation to find out more about each programme, the eligibility requirements, the application procedure, whom to contact, etc.

Start-up finance for young PhD students and researchers

CIMO scholarships are not full scholarships, for example, they can not be applied to cover a whole PhD. Rather, they are intended to work as start-up finance for young PhD students and researchers, who are yet to be invited to a Finnish university and who do not have a long post-Master’s research career behind them.

However, the CIMO scholarships are also applicable to those who have, for example, been accepted into a Doctoral degree programme, even though they can not cover the whole time it takes to complete a PhD.

The extent of the scholarship programmes varies from three (3) months to an academic year.

If you are granted a CIMO scholarship, and your studies or research continue in Finland after your initial CIMO scholarship period is over, you should plan ahead and also research into other funding possibilities. Please see the Other sources of funding section.

CIMO scholarships for advanced-level students of the Finnish language

CIMO offers scholarships for those foreign students who are studying Finnish at advanced degree level in foreign universities. In other words, these CIMO scholarships are not applicable to beginner's level Finnish language studies. Information on CIMO's advanced-level Finnish language scholarships, application times and application is available on the organisational web site of CIMO. (Links to the scholarship pages are provided in the list above.)

CIMO scholarships and taxation

The CIMO scholarships in themselves are tax-free, since the total maximum scholarship sum that can be granted to an individual applicant does not exceed the taxation limit for scholarships in Finland. However, if you receive other scholarships or other income simultaneously with a CIMO scholarship, you may be liable to taxation. In all tax-related queries, please contact the Finnish tax administration at

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