Institutional scholarships

Scholarships for non-EU/EEA nationals in English-taught Bachelor's and Master's

As non-EU/EEA tuition fees are introduced from autumn 2017 onwards, the institutions will also be offering scholarship / financial support options for non-EU/EEA students admitted to English-taught Bachelor's or Master's degree courses. Each university/UAS has it's own scholarship system, so the types of scholarships available may vary.

You can refer to our section Tuition fees for further information. Please check the details of the available scholarship options directly with the university/UAS you're interested in applying to!

NB: the universities and UAS's do not usually offer any scholarships for those Bachelor's or Master's level students who are not required to pay tution fees (EU/EEA citizens, or those studying in Finnish or Swedish-taught degree courses, etc.)

Doctoral/PhD level scholarships

Some universities may have their own Doctoral level scholarship schemes. Please refer to the universities' own Doctoral studies sites listed in the section Doctoral Admissions, and contact the universities' Doctoral Admissions services if necessary.

See also the information on CIMO scholarships and Other sources of funding.

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