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Other sources of funding

Scholarships offered by individual universities/UAS's

In some cases, the Finnish higher education institutions offer scholarships of their own for international students. Many of these so-called institutional scholarships are available in connection with those Bachelor's or Master's degree programmes that charge tuition fees from non-EU/EEA students. Information about possible institutional scholarship options is best available directly from the higher education institutions.

Study abroad grants or loans from your home country

Depending on where you come from, there may be some study abroad grants or other funding that you could apply for by contacting the grant-awarding organisations in your home country. If you are not sure if you could be eligible for such financial aid, we kindly suggest that you contact e.g. the Ministry or Education (or some other equivalent authority) in your country, and ask whether it would be possible for you to apply for a grant for studies or research in Finland.

Since there are so many countries in the world, it is not unfortunately possible for us to provide you with any ready-made contact lists or other detailed information regarding the existing national "study abroad" funding systems that might be applicable to you, so please contact the authorities in your home country to find out!

Scholarship databases on the Internet

There are numerous different international scholarship portals on the Internet - for example, for information on scholarships available for studies and research in the European countries, you might wish to visit the Studyportals for Scholarships site. The important thing to note about this kind of portal services is that you should always check the details of any given funding option directly with the organisation providing the scholarship - while such portals may be very uselful in charting out your options, they may not always be quite up to date, since the portal service provides do not usually administrate the advertised scholarship programmes themselves.

Specialised scientific research funding

There are some grant-awarding organisations, foundations etc. in Finland which can provide funding for talented international students for their post-Master’s level research work conducted at Finnish universities or research institutes. Usually you would be best advised to contact such organisations and foundations that specialise in your own particular scientific field.

The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) does not have any scientific research funding databases of its own, but please check out the links on the right-hand margin of this page (Elsewhere on the web).

You are also advised also investigate the funding opportunities offered by grant-awarding organisations and foundations in your home country, or on an international level (grant-awarding organisations in your own particular field of scientific specialisation).

Scholarships within different exchange programmes

It may also be possible for you to take part in an exchange programme that provides exchange options with a grant or a scholarship. This means that you could come to Finland for a semester or an academic year as an exchange student or a visiting researcher, and you would receive a grant through the exchange programme in question.

Which particular exchange options are available to you, depends on your home country and/or the exchange programmes your home university is involved in. Your home university may also have its own exchange agreements with some Finnish higher education institutions, outside the existing exchange programmes.

KELA student financial aid - mainly for those already residing in Finland

The Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland) financial aid for students is primarily targeted to Finnish citizens, or those residing in Finland on a permanent basis. It is not as such a scholarship but a form of social benefit. However, non-citizens may with certain conditions be entitled to Kela student financial aid - please check the eligibility requirements under the section Financial aid for foreign students on the Kela pages, and contact Kela in case you are not certain about your eligibility.