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Tuition fees

  • currently, no tuition fees are charged in regular degree programmes - regardless of your nationality
  • tuition fees, with related new scholarship options for non-EU/EEA students will however be introduced from autumn 2017 onwards
  • you must independently cover your living expenses - think carefully about how you will finance your studies in Finland
  • see section How to apply for advice on admissions

Tuition fees and scholarships for non-EU/EEA students

The Finnish Government has decided to introduce a tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students, starting from August 2017. This means that non-EU/EEA students who start their studies in autumn 2017 or after that, are subject to tuition fees. The tuition fees concern Bachelor's or Master's degree programmes offered in English. Doctoral level studies, or degree programmes offered in Finnish or Swedish, will not charge tuition fees.

Each university/UAS defines their fees independently. The annual fee can vary even within one individual institution, depending on the degree course.

The universities/UAS's will also introduce new scholarship schemes for non-EU students admitted to fee-charging Bachelor's or Master's degree courses.

For more information please see section Tuition fees 2017

Tuition fees and living costs

Whether or not you need to pay tuition fees, do note that you are usually expected to independently cover your everyday living expenses during your studies in Finland.

Some individual scholarships offered by the universities may also include a living costs allowance, but this is likely to be rare; ou should therefore plan your finances so that you can also cope with the living costs like accommodation, food, travel, etc. See section Cost of living for some advice on this.

How to apply for studies in Finland?

You'll find information and advice on study application procedures in the How to apply section of this page. Please also carefully read our Your steps to Finland checklist!

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