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Tuition fees

Do I need to pay tuition fees in Finland?

  • there are currently no tuition fees charged
  • however you must independently cover all your living expenses - you will therefore need to think carefully about financing your studies in Finland

The tuition fee trial period in Finland 2010-2014 is drawing towards its close (see subsection 'Tuition fee trial period 2010-2014' for more information on this).

This means that there are no tuition fees charged in Finnish higher education degrees starting in autumn 2014, regardless of the level of studies and the nationality of the student.

But please note that this does not completely rule out the possibility that the situation might change at some point in the future.

Recently (November 2013) a working group set by the Finnish Minister of Education and Science drafted up an action plan to promote education exports. This action plan suggested, among other things, that tuition fees could be introduced for non-EU/EEA students at some stage in the future. Also, the possibility of introcucing tuition fees was reported to be 'on the table' in the governmental budged talks in March 2014 - however the fee issue did not eventually end up in the budgetary decisions.

So. no tuition fee decisions have yet been made, either for or against. It remains yet to be seen what the government decides on this matter, and when.

We will keep you posted!

We will notify prospective students of any possible changes in tuition fee policies officially on this Study in Finland website, so keep an eye on the News section on our front page! Also you might be well advised to follow what the individual higher education institutions say about tuition fees in their programmes by checking the info on their own Admissions pages.

Very important: studying in Finland is not completely "free" even when there are no tuition fees

Remember that even when there are no tuition fees, you still need to plan your finances - you are expected to independently cover all your everyday living expenses during your studies in Finland.

In this connection it is worth noting that the 'institutional scholarships' that have been an integral part of the tuition fee trial are likely to be discontinued (since they were primarily targeted to aid students from developing countries to cover the tuition fees). There may be some individual exceptions to this - you must inquire your hosting Finnish university whether they offer any scholarship options of their own for international students.

The CIMO / Finnish Government scholarships will, as before, only be available for Doctoral level studies and research in Finland.

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