Fulbright grants for Americans coming to Finland

The Fulbright Finland Foundation awards grants to U.S. students, teachers, lecturers, and scholars to study, teach, or pursue research in Finland.

The Fulbright Program, based on bi-lateral cultural exchange agreements, is the cornerstone of the United States government's international academic exchanges. The Fulbright Program includes several separate programs, through which over 150 countries participate in academic exchanges with the United States.

In Finland the Fulbright Program is administered by the Finnish Fulbright Commission, the Fulbright Finland Foundation, an independent, private, non-profit organization funded by the Finnish and U.S. governments, the Finland-America Educational Trust Fund, and increasingly by private Finnish foundations and Finnish higher education institutions.

Each year, Fulbright Finland awards grants to more than 80 Finnish and American students and professionals. The funding awarded to Finnish and American grantees totals approximately 1 million dollars per year.

You can find detailed info on the different scholarship programs that Fulbright Finland offers on their home page www.fulbright.fi

Fulbright Finland