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Study in Finland Prezi presentation

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What to study?

Finland has a lot to offer to you as an international student. You can study a whole academic degree, do an exchange or a traineeship.

Our summer schools arrange several courses offering you an excellent chance to experience Finnish higher education in your field of expertise. Also, the summer universities arrange intensive courses in Finnish on various starting levels.

Where to find information on degree course options?

You can search for English-language degree options in our Study programmes database, or by using the seacrh function on the Studyinfo.fi application pages. Also, you can turn to the admissions pages of the Finnish universities and universities of applied sciences for info on your study opportunities.

How and when to apply?

In our How to apply? section you can find starter's advice on the admissions system, application times, general eligibility requirements, etc. You can also refer to our Your steps to Finland checklist.

Regional study information portals

In many study locations in Finland, there are several higher education institutions. In some cases, the universities and UAS's have set up regional study information pages. You can find these listed in the right-hand margin of the Where to study? page.