2016 Bachelors Main pic

photo: Kreetta Järvenpää

Bachelor's Degrees

The Finnish Universities of applied sciences (UAS) provide over 100 Bachelor’s degree programmes in English, in various fields of study.

The universities also provide some Bachelor-level degree options in English.

UAS Bachelor's degrees

Our UAS offerings provide a strong emphasis on preparing students with the skills they need upon graduation. These bachelor level degrees are focused on employability and providing graduates that are adaptable, curious and confident.

An UAS Bachelor’s degree consists of core and professional studies, optional studies, practical training, and a Bachelor’s thesis. The degree amounts to 210–270 ECTS credits and the duration is between 3.5–4.5 years, depending on your degree programme. One ECTS credit equals 25-30 hours of work/studies. During the academic year, you as a student are usually expected to complete 60 ECTS.

On-the-job training periods are compulsory and improve your skills in many ways. You will experience your future profession and test your theoretical knowledge in a professional environment. In these training periods, many students also manage to create strong networks and ties to potential employers, in Finland or abroad.

Communication and language studies are also included which help you prepare for the entry into working life in Finland.

University Bachelor's degrees

At universities, a Bachelor’s degree consists of basic and intermediate studies, language studies, and a Bachelor’s thesis. The degree amounts to 180 ECTS credits, and the duration is 3 years. Most university Bachelor's degrees are only available in Finnish or Swedish, but there are also some Bachelor's options offered in English.

Where to find information on the available Bachelor's programmes?

You can use the search function on the Studyinfo.fi online application site - or you can of course consult the home pages of the individual institutions to find out what they can offer to you.

Remember that you need to contact the Admissions Services of the university/UAS offering the programme if you need more detailed information on the entry requirements, course contents etc.

How to apply to Bachelor's level?

You can find a good overview on how to apply in our Bachelor's admissions section.