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Generation Study Abroad

Finland welcomes US exchange students!

The number of US students coming to Finland has been continuously growing over the past couple of years – and we are committed to reach even higher numbers. This is why Finland is a country partner of Generation Study Abroad (GSA). Finnish higher education institutions are warmly welcoming you!

What does a student exchange in Finland mean?

Participating in student exchange means that you spend a part of your degree studies, usually one semester or a full academic year at a Finnish university. The studies you complete during your exchange period are recognised and included as part of your degree studies at home. This means you won't only have an unforgettable study abroad experience, but you'll also be advancing in your studies and collecting credits for your degree.

You do not need to pay tuition fees in Finland when partaking in student exchange. You are however expected to have enough funding to cover your everyday student life costs like accommodation, food, travel, etc. Your home university in the US may offer you a student exchange grant or scholarship to help you cover these expenses.

How to get started

To take part in an academic student exchange period in Finland, you need to be enrolled as a degree student at some higher education institution in the US. Most student exchanges, including those between the US and Finland, happen through bilateral exchange agreements between universities. There may also be other options available like for example the ISEP student exchange programme. In some cases, it may also be possible to arrange a student exchange period as a 'free mover', outside any existing exchange agreements, if the hosting Finnish university or UAS accepts such free movers.

You might be looking for a full academic year exchange, or just one semester - or even shorter exchange periods. What is available to you depends a bit on where you are studying, and also which Finnish university or UAS would be your hosting institution.

So, to get started you should:

  • Contact the International Exchanges Office of your home university in the US - they can advise you in more detail, if they have exchange agreements of their own with Finnish universities.
  • Check if your home university is involved with the ISEP student exchange programme - - on that ISEP programme site, you can also easily find the list of the Finnish universities partaking in ISEP.
  • Get in touch with the student exchanges office of the Finnish university/UAS you would be interested in, and ask about your exchange options. You can find the Finnish higher education institutions listed in the Where to study section of this site.

International Exchanges Offices can advise you in detail

The international exchanges offices of your home university in the US, and your hosting Finnish university or UAS can then advise you further in details such as

  • How and when to apply for your student exchange period in Finland
  • What funding options would be available to you
  • Practical issues such as student accommodation and other services, the cost of everyday student life, recognition of the studies you'll be taking in Finland during your student exchange period, and so on.

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