Please contact the international office of your home institution to learn what different student exchange opportunities may be available for you!

Other exchange programmes


ISEP (International Student Exchange Programs) is a worldwide network for international education, consisting of 265 member institutions in the United States and 35 other countries.

You can apply for an ISEP student exchange if your home university is either an ISEP Member institution, or an ISEP Affiliate institution. You can find a listing of the institutions on the ISEP web site, see below. If your home university is a part of the ISEP community, then please contact the international office of your home university to find out more about your opportunities to go on an ISEP exchange!

ISEP programme home page for students


North2North is a student exchange program exclusively for students of the North, studying the North. The programme offers opportunities for post-secondary students to get a taste and feel for cultures and people from around the Circumpolar North.

To be an eligible applicant for the north2north student exchange, you must be registered as a degree student at one of the participating institutions. Please refer to the programme website below for more information on which institutions and countries are participating, how to apply, the study catalogue and other useful information.

North2North programme home page