Practical training placements in Finland are possible through

  • EU programmes - Erasmus+
  • Student organisations

You can of course also search for a traineeship independently.

Application criteria and application procedures in the above-mentioned options vary, but below you will find some general guidelines:

  • Training placements are directly related to your particular field of study.
  • Relevant work experience is desirable but not always necessary
  • You should have completed at least one year of university, polytechnic or a vocational college.
  • In some programmes, you may also apply if you have recently graduated.

How can you participate?

You usually apply through the appropriate contact organisation in your home country - your home institution, or the local/regional representatives of the student organisation in question.

Study in Finland (Finnish National Agency for Education) does not itself arrange any traineeships in Finland, apart from the 'Finnish in Finland' programme for advanced-level students of the Finnish language, see below.

Erasmus+ traineeships

If you are a enrolled as a degree student at some European university, you may participate in the Erasmus+ traineeship programme. Your home university may be able assist you in finding a traineeship placement in Finland, you can check the web service for Erasmus+ Traineeship vacancies, or alternatively, you may search for the traineeship independently (see further below)

Host organisations for student placements may be enterprises, training centres, research centres and other organisations. Excluded are European Union institutions and other EU bodies including specialised agencies, organisations managing EU programmes, and national diplomatic representations (embassy and consulate) of the home country of the student.

Once you have found a suitable placement, you can apply for an Erasmus+ traineeship grant from your home university.

Information on the Erasmus+ Traineeships option (European Commission pages)

NB: the former EU programme "Comenius assistantships for future teachers" has been discontinued as a separate option, future teachers can however also apply via the Erasmus+ traineeship programme.

Student organisations

Several student organisations also arrange internship and training placements in their specific fields of study. Therefore the most practical way for you to find a suitable placement is to contact a student organisation in your own field. You can find some of these organisations listed in the 'Elsewhere on the web' section (see right-hand margin).

Finnish in Finland -traineeships for advanced-level students of Finnish

Suomea Suomessa (Finnish in Finland) is a training programme for advanced-level students of Finnish language and culture. The traineeships give them an opportunity to get work experience, to learn about Finnish working culture and to use Finnish in authentic situations. Family placements are an option for students who are in the beginning of their Finnish language degree studies.

Further information on the Finnish in Finland programme can be found on our website.

Other sources of information

You may also ask for information about possible traineeship placements abroad at the international office or career services of your home institution.

Searching for a traineeship placement independently

Study in Finland (Finnish National Agency for Education) does not unfortunately have any listings of Finnish companies, organisations or schools that might be interested in hiring foreign trainees. it is not possible for us to search for a traineeship placement in Finland on your behalf. However, you may find some general information and hints on the employment-related pages listed in the 'Working" section of this site.

If you already are studying in Finland...

Study in Finland (Finnish National Agency for Education, EDUFI) does not arrange any traineeships in Finland for those foreign students who already are studying in Finland. However, if you are currently studying full time in Finland (or you have recently graduated from a Finnish higher education institution) and you have Finnish citizenship or you have a permanent residence permit in Finland, you may apply to EDUFI training programmes abroad.

Please note however that many of the EDUFI traineeship placements abroad may require fluent Finnish skills. For the training programme in the Finnish embassies abroad you need to have Finnish citizenship. Also, it is not possible to apply for a EDUFI traineeship in one's country of origin.

Please refer to the website for more information. Information on the EDUFI traineeship programmes abroad is only given in Finnish, but the on-line application form itself is in English.