Studying Finnish Abroad

University Studies

Instruction in the Finnish language and culture is offered by more than 100 universities in around 30 different countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

You can find a list of the universities around the world where you can study Finnish (at degree level) on the Finnish National Agency for Education web service.

Finnish language courses

In many countries you can contact the local Finnish Embassy, Consulate of Cultural Institute to inquire about Finnish courses. They may have information about local organisers of Finnish courses, or of someone willing to give private courses in Finnish. In Germany, for example, some Folk High Schools arrange Finnish courses.

Online courses

You can also learn some of the basics of Finnish online. Below, we give you just a few examples of online courses for beginners:

  • A Taste of Finnish - a beginner's level Finnish course by the University of Helsinki

  • - online course for beginners: spoken Finnish for everyday situations

On the pages there is a 'Finnish online' section, where you can find a wider selection of links to Finnish online courses!