2016 Where to Study - UAS

photo: Kreetta Järvenpää

Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Finland

The universities of applied sciences (UAS) in Finland were also formerly known and referred to as 'polytechnics'.

If you're planning to apply to a Finnish University of Applied Sciences (UAS), please first get familiar with the basics by reading our Your Steps to Finland checklist and the section How to apply on this website.

Once you have decided where you might wish to study, you should go through the Admissions information pages of that particular UAS. The institutions' websites are your best source of detailed admissions advice, information on entry requirements, etc.

Visit the UAS's Admissions pages for detailed information!

In addition to the institutions listed above, the Finnish Police University College provides UAS-level training in the police field. However the Police University College is only open for Finnish citizens and requires fluent Finnish or Swedish skills.

Admissions Services' contact details

You can find a listing of the UAS's Admissions Services and their contact details on the Studyinfo.fi application pages.