If you want to build better and more sustainable future, join the Future is Made in Finland webinar series to learn more about the country of world-class education and attractive career options.

Come and build your future in Finland. Be part of the world’s leading innovation ecosystems which lead us through the challenges – to the future. To a better, safer and more sustainable future. Your future.

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Episode I: Future is Made in Finland
Build your career in Finland!

Finland is a leading country in cutting-edge technologies. Join the webinar to learn more about the latest discoveries in future health, Arctic excellence, digitalization, gaming, cleantech and sustainability.

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Join us on 7th October 2021!
Episode II: Arctic Excellence
Find cool solutions to hot challenges!

Finland is the focal point for creating sustainable solutions for Arctic, remote and high altitude regions.

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Join us on 11th October 2021!
Episode III: Digital Health
Future health is created through groundbreaking research and innovative business collaboration.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how immunology, modern technological platforms, artificial intelligence, and world’s best education are shaping the future of global wellbeing. You will also learn about the latest cutting-edge technologies developed in Finland.

Join us on 21st October 2021!
Episode IV: Future Digitalization
Take a quantum leap in Finland!

The world is at the verge of the second quantum revolution. We are about to see a change in our society as novel quantum technology applications in ICT, sensing, measuring, to list a few, become available to everyone. Quantum technology is expected to have extreme impacts in everybody’s life, and help solving some of the great challenges of our time, from health and environment to energy.

In Episode IV you'll get inspiration from the experts from the Finnish National Center of Excellence - Quantum Technology Finland (QTF) partnered by Aalto University, University of Helsinki and VTT Technical Research Center of Finland. Be ready to take a quantum leap and make your future in Finland!

Join us on 15th November 2021!
Episode V: Sustainable Solutions
Are your future plans green?

Big might be beautiful, but small is smart. Scalable sustainable solutions have a vital role in solving our planet’s major challenges. Finland is a global superpower in many key technologies relating to sustainability, such as water and air quality, recycling, and renewable energy.

In this webinar, you’ll get to hear from the world’s leading air quality research community and learn more on how to create successful commercial spinoffs.

Join us on 17th November 2021!
Episode VI: Successful Entrepreneurship – Build a Sustainable Future
Want to solve problems that matter?

The world is changing fast, and we urgently need solutions that increase inclusion, equality, environmental responsibility, and social awareness. Politicians are doing what they can, but they’re slow — entrepreneurs are anything but. By changing what we consume, how we move, and where we live, companies both big and small can change the world, and they can do it fast.

In this webinar, you’ll become familiar with the Finnish startup ecosystem, which is setting an example for next-generation responsible entrepreneurship. Find out how to join the vibrant community of students and professionals who are setting up successful businesses for a better future.

Join us on 24th November 2021!