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Future health is created through groundbreaking research and innovative business collaboration. In this webinar, you’ll learn how immunology, modern technological platforms, artificial intelligence, and world’s best education are shaping the future of global wellbeing. You will also learn about the latest cutting-edge technologies developed in Finland.

The future of health embodies more than treating sicknesses reactively. Advancements in healthcare, medicine, and health technology are developed with the greatest intention – to improve our lives and wellbeing. The ambitious goals require a broad set of skills and technologies that can only be achieved through collaboration.

In this webinar, some of the brightest minds in the fields of healthcare, technology, diagnostics, and medicine will come together to discuss the global future of health and wellbeing.

Does the solution for a long, healthy life lie in immunity? What will the future of healthcare look like in a post-Covid world? Can international talents join the mission of discovering new cures and life-saving treatments already during their studies?

Tune in to learn how future health is developed in Finland – and how you can join the inspiring journey!

This webinar is created by University of Turku, Turku University of Applied Sciences and Turku Business Region. In Turku, world-class multidisciplinary education, cutting-edge research, and innovative businesses have all joined forces to form the largest educational hub of drug development and healthcare in Finland. Through groundbreaking research and innovative business collaboration, future health is improved in Turku every day.


Episode III: Digital Health

21 October

13:00 (Finland)  | 15.30 (India) | 18.00 (Singapore)

Moderators: Tarek Omran, postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Turku & Khalil Shahramian, University Teacher at the University of Turku


Opening Remarks by the Moderators

Tarek Omran, postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Turku, and Khalil Shahramian, University Teacher at the University of Turku

What is the Future of Health? – Life Sciences in 2030

Piia Björn, Vice Rector of the University of Turku

Keynote Discussion: InFLAMES – Solution is in Immunity

Sirpa Jalkanen, Professor of Immunology at the University of Turku, and John Eriksson, Professor of Cell Biology at Åbo Akademi University

Normal immune defense system is vital for health. In the InFLAMES Flagship, researchers in the fields like immunology, bioimaging, drug discovery, and diagnostics aim at identifying novel drug targets using the most modern technological platforms and finding novel diagnostic tools to identify the patients benefiting from personalized therapies.


Developing AI and VR tools to support the growth of health technology businesses

Moderated by Ilkka Rytkölä, Senior Advisor at the Turku University of Applied Sciences

In future health, there is a lot to gain from technology: The use of synthetized medical data simplifies and speeds up the development cycles of health products and services, and virtual training solutions decrease operation preparation time and improve pedagogy in health and medical field. Learn more from the cross-disciplinary discussion between 

  • Mika Luimula, Research Group Leader of and Head of Laboratory at the Turku University of Applied Sciences
  • Esa Alhoniemi, Senior Advisor at the Turku University of Applied Sciences
  • Petteri Joenpolvi, CEO of ADESANTE Ltd and
  • Jarkko Niemelä, Chief Product Officer of MVision AI.

Start Your Future Career in Turku! – Panel with Students and Alumni

Why choose Turku as your study destination? International talents share their stories
  • Meghadipa Goswami, University of Turku alumni


Virtual Lounge Table meetings: All universities & UAS


Picture of Piia Björn
Vice Rector, University of Turku

Piia Björn has been working as Vice Rector for Education at the University of Turku since the beginning of 2020. As Vice Rector, Björn is mainly responsible for education and development of education structures. Previously, she has held many different positions at various universities across Finland. Björn holds a doctoral degree in Special Education, obtained from the University of Helsinki. Since 2012, she has also been working as a Docent at the University of Helsinki. In addition to her extensive list of duties, Björn currently also serves as a Board Member at the Fulbright Finland Foundation.

Picture of Sirpa Jalkanen
Professor of Immunology, Institute of Biomedicine at the University of Turku  

Sirpa Jalkanen is an esteemed and award-winning researcher in immunology and an expert in business collaboration in the medical field. After her postdoctoral period at Stanford University, she has worked in different researcher positions at the University of Turku, Finnish National Institute of Health and Welfare as well as the Academy of Finland. Nowadays, Jalkanen is an Academian and Professor of Immunology at the Medical Faculty, University of Turku. Additionally, research and development cluster InFLAMES Flagship is led by Jalkanen.

Picture of John Eriksson
Professor of Cell Biology at the Åbo Akademi University, Director General, Euro-Bioimaging ERIC 

John E. Eriksson is Professor of Cell Biology and Director General of Euro-BioImaging ERIC. Eriksson has made key discoveries especially related to intermediate filaments and signaling, coining the concept of intermediate filaments being able to act as signaling organizers and signal modulators. He has been one of the key persons involved in the establishment of Euro-BioImaging and has longstanding experience in a broad range of imaging technologies and infrastructures. He is a member of the Centre of Excellence of Cell Mechanostasis or CellMech at Åbo Akademi University, Turku (2019-24) and an elected member of the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters and the Technical Science Academy of Finland.

Picture of Mika Luimula

Mika Luimula

PhD ,Principal Lecturer, Research Group Leader and Head of Laboratory at the Turku University of Applied Sciences, Adjunct Professor at the University of Turku

Dr. Mika Luimula works as a Research Group Leader of Futuristic Interactive Technologies and as a Principal Lecturer of Game and Interactive Technologies for Turku University of Applied Sciences. He holds a PhD in Information Processing Sciences and an MSc in Mathematics. He also holds an Adjunct Professorship at the University of Turku. He is coordinating Finnish DigiRehab consortium and Finnish AVR ecosystem. In addition, he is a senior advisor to the board of Ade Ltd and to the board of XR Presence Ltd.

His research interests include gamification, serious games, virtual reality, augmented reality, health informatics and location-aware systems. He has published around 130 scientific papers and his research group has won various awards in the abovementioned research areas.

Picture of Esa Alhoniemi

Esa Alhoniemi

PhD, senior advisor at the Turku University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Esa Alhoniemi currently works as data scientist and as senior advisor in PRIVASA (Privacy Preserving AI for Synthetic and Anonymous Health Data) project at Turku University of Applied Sciences. He holds PhD in Computer Science and Adjunct Professorship at University of Turku.
Esa has a strong academic background but also extensive hands-on experience on using AI, machine learning, and statistics in many real-world applications in health, pharmaceuticals, process industry, trade, and finance. He is always interested in finding novel and efficient ways to utilize data e.g. to make optimal decisions or to better understand complex phenomena.

Picture of Petteri Joenpolvi

Petteri Joenpolvi


Petteri Joenpolvi works as a CEO of a Finnish MedTech company called ADESANTE.
Last year ADESANTE was the Best Finnish company in Nordic Startup Awards event 2020, in category of “Best HealthTech Startup”. The company is known by its products utilizing latest technologies, like AI (NVIDIA Clara), Blockchain (BurstIQ) and VR/AR/XR. Last 3 years the company has led by Petteri, who has +20 years expertise in International MedTech business, including manufacturing, exporting and importing medical technology. Petteri has long and successful working history in MedTech giants (like GE Healthcare), but also vast expertise in smaller & agile companies.

Picture of Jarkko Niemelä

Jarkko Niemelä

Chief Product Officer, MVision AI

Jarkko Niemelä is a co-founder of MVision AI, a physicist with a background in national radiation safety authority and several university clinics in Finland, working in various medical physics related domains including radiology, nuclear medicine and cancer radiation therapy. Before MVision AI, a Helsinki based company developing AI algorithms for radiotherapy, he was working as a specializing medical physicist in Turku University Hospital and studying as a PhD student in Turku University. There his research included small field dosimetry in radiotherapy.

MVision AI was founded in late 2017 and the first medical device, namely an AI based automatic organ segmentation algorithm in CT images was released in January 2019. Now the company operates across Europe in 11 countries using MVision AI in daily radiotherapy planning, to speed up the workflow and increase treatment consistency and quality.

Picture of Ilkka Rytkölä

Ilkka Rytkölä

Senior Advisor at the Turku University of Applied Sciences
Picture of Meghadipa Goswami

Meghadipa Goswami

University of Turku Alumni
Picture of Tarek Omran

Tarek Omran

Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Turku
Picture of Khalil Shahramian

Khalil Shahramian

University Teacher at the University of Turku