Build a sustainable future

The world is changing fast, and we urgently need solutions that increase inclusion, equality, environmental responsibility, and social awareness. Politicians are doing what they can, but they’re slow — entrepreneurs are anything but. By changing what we consume, how we move, and where we live, companies both big and small can change the world, and they can do it fast.

In this webinar, you’ll become familiar with the Finnish startup ecosystem, which is setting an example for next-generation responsible entrepreneurship. Find out how to join the vibrant community of students and professionals who are setting up successful businesses for a better future.

Can startups make money and have a positive impact on the world at the same time? Whose problems should companies focus on solving? How can you get started if you have an idea or a team, or would like to have one or the other? 

Tune in to hear how startups can help us reach UN’s Sustainable Development Goals while being profitable, and to learn of the many opportunities for aspiring founders provided by the entrepreneurship ecosystem and networks in Finland. You’ll also hear four people from different backgrounds discuss entrepreneurship in their everyday life, and what it means to them.

The webinar is hosted by Aalto University, known across the world for its vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and culture, powered by both student-led activities and the university's education, research, and innovation hubs. In addition to the 70–100 startups founded in the ecosystem every year, the Aalto community has given birth to world-class and world-changing events like Slush and Junction. The aim of Aalto University — and especially its entrepreneurship education program, Aalto Ventures Program — is to arm its over 12 000 students and faculty with an entrepreneurial mindset and direct their notable brainpower towards building solutions for a sustainable future.


Aalto University - Useful Links on Entrepreneurship (pdf)


Episode VI: Successful Entrepreneurship

24 November | 12:00 (Finland) | 15.30 (India) | 18.00 (Singapore)



Suh Myungji, Head of Communications, Aalto Ventures Program

How Startups Can Help Reach the Sustainable Development Goals?

Lauri Järvilehto, Professor of Practice, Co-Director of Aalto Ventures Program AVP, Aalto University

Velbi for your Wellbeing - An entrepreneurial success story from a Startup that Cares

Piia Kuosmanen, Co-founder, Velbi

Entrepreneurship Everywhere! (Ecosystem & networks in Finland for entrepreneurship)

  • My Nguyen, Global Partnerships Coordinator, Aalto Ventures Program
  • Joni Lehto, Business Advisor, NewCo Helsinki, City of Helsinki

Entrepreneurship – what does it mean for you and me?

A panel on studying, researching and practicing entrepreneurship from different perspectives
  • Carmelita Ginting-Carlström, Doctoral candidate in entrepreneurship, Aalto University School of Business
  • Markus Wartiovaara, Director of Hanken Business Lab, Hanken School of Economics
  • Mona Ismail, President, Aaltoes - Aalto Entrepreneurship Society
  • Nagarajan Subramaniyam, Co-founder and CTO- Xfold Imaging Oy 


Suh Myungji, Head of Communications, Aalto Ventures Program


Virtual Lounge Table meetings: All universities & UAS


Picture of Lauri Järvilehto

Lauri Järvilehto

Professor of Practice, Co-Director of Aalto Ventures Program AVP, Aalto University

Lauri Järvilehto, PhD, is a Professor of Practice at Aalto University and Co-Director of Aalto Ventures Program. He is a serial entrepreneur, philosopher, author, musician and a Sherlock Holmes fan. He is the founder of the Finnish Academy of Philosophy and serves on the Boards of Directors of Unicef Finland and the Finnish Academy of Philosophy. He has written several bestselling books on thinking and learning and is an active public speaker worldwide.

Picture of Piia Kuosmanen

Piia Kuosmanen

Co-founder, Velbi

Piia Kuosmanen is a co-founder of Velbi, an early-stage startup that aims to build winning workplaces and eliminate burnouts. She has worked on four continents, helped build one of China's most successful startup ecosystems with Slush China, given speeches to live audiences ranging from a few people to tens of thousands, taught coding in the African countryside, been the elected leader of the Finnish national student movement, awarded Global Top 5 in NASA's Space Apps challenge, and won multiple national championships in ice hockey.

She has also suffered from and survived burnout, just like millions of her peers worldwide. This is why she now aims to solve that problem globally and for good with Velbi. At any given time, you'll likely find her practicing empathy and active listening, taking a restorative nap, drinking coffee, or reading a sci-fi book.

Picture of My Nguyen

My Nguyen

Global Partnerships Coordinator, Aalto Ventures Program

My Nguyen is a Global Partnerships Coordinator at Aalto Ventures Program – the entrepreneurship education program of Aalto University. She is specialized in working with various stakeholders from the startup ecosystems, through which My aims to bridge startup teams or entrepreneurial individuals with the wider startup community, to foster stronger growth for innovations.

Outside of work, My is also a Master’s student at Aalto University, specializing in International Business and Sustainability. Being at one of the leading innovation universities in Europe as both student and staff, My admires the entrepreneurial spirit that has been created at Aalto and aims to nurture it further in her daily work. 

Picture of Joni Lehto

Joni Lehto

Business Advisor, NewCo Helsinki, City of Helsinki

Joni has advised hundreds of startups, investors, corporations and others working professionally with innovations. In his day job he focuses on helping startups find investors, clients and other partners in the smart & clean sector, especially in the Nordics and Baltics. His free-time activities include creating and managing, an open list of over 100 investors, accelerators and startup-friendly corporations with easy shortlisting functionality, as well as Startup Helsinki Slack, an open network of 1 000 people interested in startups and the main Helsinki area.

Before becoming a professional startup advisor and connector he built digital platform startups, studied startup ecosystem development and international business, and worked in 30 positions from door to door sales to key account management (1M/year) and gardening to teaching. He has also been an entrepreneur for nearly 20 years, employing at most 30 people at a time in fields as varying as his day job history.

Picture of Carmelita Ginting-Carlström

Carmelita Ginting-Carlström

Doctoral candidate in entrepreneurship, Aalto University School of Business
Picture of Markus Wartiovaara

Markus Wartiovaara

Director of Hanken Business Lab, Hanken School of Economics
Picture of Mona Ismail

Mona Ismail

President, Aaltoes - Aalto Entrepreneurship Society
Picture of Nagarajan Subramaniyam

Nagarajan Subramaniyam

Co-founder and CTO- Xfold Imaging Oy
Picture of Suh Myungji

Suh Myungji

Head of Communications, Aalto Ventures Program