Episode II: Bioeconomy Defines the Future

Every day we get food, pharmaceuticals, construction materials and recreation from the nature, the ecosystem, around us. But do we understand the fundamentals of ecosystem services – services, which the Mother Nature provides us? How efficiently do we utilize these services, and how sustainable are our actions?

We need to harness, but also to preserve.

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In the Episode II of this webinar series we had a closer look at bioeconomy, forest and water ecosystems: how to unlock the yet unharnessed value of their biomass in a sustainable, future-proof way? We dived into new ideas for creating value from forest and algae biomass to support the emerging bioeconomy. One day, it might be the cultivation of algae that enables space colonization for humankind. How could that happen?


Episode II: Bioeconomy Defines the Future

26 October at 12.00 EET / 15:30 IST / 18:00 SST / facilitated by the LUT University


Welcome to the Land of the Curious

Mr Juha-Matti Saksa, Rector, LUT

Wood processing side streams – a source of new products

Ms Mari Kallioinen, Professor, LUT

Algae technology for blue bioeconomy

Mr Amit Bhatnagar, Professor, LUT

The future of the world is blue

Mr Mikael Westerlund, CEO, Origin by Ocean

My path from LUT to industry

Mr Rasel Khan, Stora Enso, LUT Alumnus

Environmental implications of bioeconomy

Ms Merja Kontro, Docent, University of Helsinki

Become an LUT student

Ms Riina Salmimies, Dean, LUT


Mari Kallioinen

Professor, LUT

Professor Mari Kallioinen strives to develop understanding and knowledge in the field of sustainable and resource efficient separation technologies for biorefining. Her research focuses on the study of separation, fouling and cleaning phenomena in biorefining, the development of novel processes, and the development of novel separation materials. Her specific expertise lies in membrane separation but over the course of the past years her work has expanded to include e.g. extraction processes in connection to membrane technology. Her current research group consists of 3 assistant/associate professors and 10 doctoral candidates.

Professor Kallioinen defended her doctoral thesis in 2008. She currently acts as the Head of the Department of Separation Science at LUT and leads one of the six interdisciplinary LUT research platforms, Re-Source. She has published approximately 60 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and her Scopus h-index is 17. She has been awarded grants for her research by e.g. the Academy of Finland, by multiple Finnish foundations and by Business Finland. She is the inventor in 2 patents with 3 additional patents pending.

She has extensive supervisory experience with 36 master’s theses, 24 bachelor’s theses and 4 doctoral theses under her belt. Currently, 6 doctoral candidates are working under her supervision. Additionally, she teaches both Bachelor and Master’s students within the degree program in chemical engineering at LUT.

Professor Kallioinen has held and currently holds multiple positions of trust, including a seat in the LUT Board of Directors and a seat in the board of the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland. She is also an invited member in the Finnish Academy of Technical Sciences.

Mikael Westerlund

CEO, Origin by Ocean

CEO Mikael Westerlund is a person with inspiring ideas, drive and passion, to push concepts into real solutions and products. He holds an MBA and a Bachelor’s degree in engineering. He has an extensive career as a business executive with more than 20 years of international business development experience.  Mikael is the founder of Origin by Ocean, a Finnish company developing algae biorefining. Throughout his career, Mikael has been driven by a bigger purpose, to make an impact on our society, through the products and solutions he has been part of developing and providing.

The combination of his professional and personal background, being born in the archipelago in the western Finland, are the key drivers for Mikael’s enthusiasm for founding Origin by Ocean. Mikael is passionate about wildlife, nature and the heritage we leave to our children and grandchildren. For the natural balance of ocean-life, this is the purpose at Origin by Ocean.

Rasel Khan

Stora Enso, LUT Alumnus

"I am an experienced Global Sourcing & Supply Chain Professional with technical & business analytics background. My key competencies are – Fast Learner, High Business Acumen, Problem Solving, Analytical Skills, Teambuilding, Structured & Creative Thinking and Commitment to Excellence. In general, I apply lean management & continuous improvement in my daily work & considering myself as a great team member with positive attitude. My co-workers and manager are trusting me for being adaptive, agile, available, accelerator and good communicator."

Merja Kontro

Docent, University of Helsinki

Docent Merja Kontro is associate professor in environmental biotechnology at University of Helsinki. Kontro’s research focuses on the urban environment, especially safe water and waste treatment including environmental remediation. She also works on topics of circular economy, especially with waste valorization. Kontro is the inventor in 2 patents and has authored approximately 100 peer-reviewed publications. She has been supervisor in 10 doctoral theses with another four currently ongoing.

  • Amit Bhatnagar

    Professor, LUT
  • Riina Salmimies

    Dean, LUT