To take us further in understanding our world and building a better future, we need help from artificial intelligence. Understandable, ethical and efficient AIs will have a huge positive impact on our society, from manufacturing to transportation, to energy, health care, economics and environmental challenges.

Finland aims to be one of the leading countries in the application of AI. Finnish Center of Artificial Intelligence brings together a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines, business domains, educational and societal initiatives to find keys to the AI revolution. The scientists and businesses work to develop and harness trustworthy and ethical AI that will help humanity to solve the grand challenges of our time.

Tune in to learn what you can do to create Real AI for Real People within this cutting-edge community in Finland. Through talks by some of the leading scientists and experts, we present the world-class study, research, work and cooperation opportunities Finland has on offer.

Students at FCAI

FCAI doctoral students Pashupati Hegde, Khaoula El Mekkaoui, Iiris Sundin and Zeinab Yousefi discuss their research.


In case you missed Episode V, or wish to watch the presentations again - you can find the recordings available on the Study in Finland YouTube channel. Welcome to relive the webinar buzz!


Episode V: Get REAL, AI!

11 November at 12.00 EET / 15:30 IST / 18:00 SST / facilitated by the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence, FCAI

Moderated by Dr. Patrik Floréen, Manager, FCAI national collaboration and external relations, University of Helsinki


Welcome words


The REAL AI is made here! Real AI for Real People in the Real World

Mr. Samuel Kaski, Professor of Computer Science, Aalto University and Director of Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI

Become a REAL AI expert of future

Mr. Teemu Roos, Professor of Computer Science, University of Helsinki and Leader of the AI Education program in the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI

Short break


Studying and working in REAL AI in Finland

Milica Todorović, Research fellow, Aalto University

Conquering current and future problems with REAL AI

Nidhi Singh, Director of Research, Elisa Corporation

Wrap up


Professor of Computer Science, Aalto University
Director of Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI

"I work on probabilistic machine learning, meaning probabilistic modelling and Bayesian inference, applied to difficult problems that are interesting and societally important. At the moment I work on the inter-related topics of analysis of multiple data sources, human-in-the-loop machine learning, simulator-based inference (likelihood-free inference with ABC), and privacy-preserving learning. I have had the chance to collaborate with amazing people in interdisciplinary research projects on applications in biology and medicine, brain signal analysis and user interaction (see list of publications), and in the Aalto Probabilistic Machine Learning Group which I lead with Prof. Aki Vehtari, and the Finnish Center of Excellence in Computational Inference Research which I lead until end of 2017.

To further boost the already strong artificial intelligence research and its impact, we are setting up a new Finnish Artificial Intelligence Center FCAI, which I will lead 2018-. It is a partnership of Aalto University, University of Helsinki, and a number of company members, networking further to key international and national partners. We aim to solve three bottleneck questions in AI research: data scarcity, dependability of AI, and ability of AI to understand its users (more details here). The research will be done with company partners, including new startups and spin-offs, which will take the results directly to use. We will also pay special attention to AI education."

Professor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Data Science), Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki
Leader of the AI Education program in the Finnish Center for AI

Teemu Roos is the lead instructor of the Elements of AI online course with over 550 000 students so far. The course has been ranked the world's best online course in AI and Computer Science (Class Central). He teaches data science and AI in the Master's Programme in Data Science at the University of Helsinki, and he is also the leader of the AI
Education programme at the Finnish Center for AI. 

Roos has held visiting positions at the University of California, Berkeley, MIT, and University of Cambridge. He was nominated the Ambassador of Finnish code in 2018, the Finnish ICT Influencer of the Year 2019, and he has received the Nokia Foundation Recognition Award (with Hanna Hagström) in 2019 for the Elements of AI course. His research focuses on the theory and applications of machine learning.

Nidhi Singh

Director of Research, Elisa Corporation

Dr. Nidhi Singh is Director of Research at Elisa Corporation in Helsinki. Prior to joining Elisa, she worked with Fortune 500 as well as mid-sized companies for over 16 years in various R&D and leadership roles. Her focus has been on applying AI and machine learning for solving complex, large-scale IT problems in domains like intelligent automation of customer services, online fraud detection in e-commerce, and energy optimisation for data centres. She received her Ph.D in computer science, and has been a reviewer for a number of premier AI conferences and journals.

Milica Todorović

Research fellow, Aalto University

Dr. Milica Todorović runs the machine learning research projects of the Computational Electronic Structure Theory (CEST) group at Aalto University. The group, led. by Prof. Patrick Rinke, interfaces machine learning algorithms with quantum mechanical simulations of materials with the aim to optimise material functionality.

Dr. Todorović moved from Serbia to the UK to study physics at University College London, then she took a DPhil in Materials Science from Merton College at the University of Oxford in 2008. She went on to specialise in development and HPC applications of large-scale first principles calculations at the National Institute for Materials Science (Japan) and Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain). She joined the CEST group at Aalto University in 2015.

  • Patrik Floréen

    Manager, FCAI national collaboration and external relations, University of Helsinki