Residence permits

Non-EU/EEA students need a student residence permit (student visa) for their studies in Finland.

You can start your student residence permit process only after you have been officially admitted to university in Finland, so if you have not yet applied for admission, first read our beginner's advice on applying!

After you receive your official letter of acceptance, you can begin the student residence permit application online at Remember that you must personally visit a Finnish embassy or consulate as part of this process. Start your residence permit process as soon as possible, carefully following the immigration authorities' instructions and regulations, so that you can receive your permit in good time before your studies begin!

You can find detailed information and advice on the student residence permit requirements and procedures on the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) website

Note that if you are coming to Finland to conduct post-master's level (doctoral/PhD) studies or research, you need to apply for a residence permit for scientific research.

After your graduation, you may apply for an extension of your residence permit to look for work or start a business.