Learning Finnish and Swedish

Finnish and Swedish are the two official languages of Finland. Whether you're moving here for studies, work, or just a new adventure, learning these languages can make your experience much richer.

Why learn Finnish or Swedish?

Knowing Finnish or Swedish helps you get around more easily and lets you connect deeply with the culture and people of Finland. Plus, it can open up more job opportunities. Start your language journey today and truly immerse yourself in Finnish life.

Starting your language learning

  • Self-Study: Dive into online language apps and platforms like Kielibuusti, Finnishcourses.fi and Duolingo. Also see other language learning resources at InfoFinland.
  • University Courses: See if your Finnish university offers local language courses alongside your degree program.
  • Local Courses: Once you’re in Finland, check out language classes at adult education centers, open universities, or private language schools.
Tips & Tricks for Learning Finnish or Swedish
1. Practice Daily: Surround yourself with the language through media, join conversation clubs, and grab every chance to interact in real life.

2. Set Realistic Goals: Learning a new language takes time. Celebrate your progress and keep going steadily.

3. Language Exchange: Meet native speakers through language exchange meetups. It’s a fun and effective way to improve.

4. Stay Positive: Be brave and don’t give up!