Working in Finland

Part-time work during your studies is possible and Finland also offers competitive post-study options for you. Experience a unique work-life balance after your studies!
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Students are allowed to work within defined limits with a student residence permit, detailed in the Studying in Finland section at

Finding employment can be challenging, especially in certain fields or without Finnish or Swedish language skills. Being proactive is essential. It's important to remember that your primary goal in Finland is to focus on your studies!

Opportunities after graduation

Finland is listed among the top 10 most innovative nations globally. Frequent collaboration among companies, universities, and research institutes fosters a vibrant business landscape and dynamic startup ecosystem. Finland offers inspiring opportunities for professionals who want to make the world a better, smarter place.

If you would like to stay back in Finland and work- we have some good news! Finland offers a 2-year post study permit which allows you to look for work or start a business. Find more information about the post study permit on

Tips on Finding Employment

•    Start with the Career Services of your Finnish home university for advice and access to job opportunities.
•    Discover what working in Finland entails and browse job listings at Work in Finland.
•    Check out the platform for job vacancies at
•    For general job search advice, visit the Work and Enterprise section at InfoFinland.