News 28.11.2023

Apply for September 2024 study start

The application periods for September 2024 study start are now at hand. Choose your desired study programme and get ready to start your application process!
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Start by finding your study programme at

There are lots of English-taught degree options both on bachelor's and master's level to choose from!

Get started by finding your desired degree programme at the national database. Information on the eligibility criteria, scholarship options, and other details is included degree programme descriptions.

How and when to apply

You apply online at The application period depends on the studies you are interested in, so check if the programmes of your choice use the joint application, or some other admission route.

Joint application

Many universities use the 3-17 January joint application for September 2024 study start. 

In the joint application, you can apply to up to six (6) programmes with one application form. You can be offered several study places and choose which place you wish to confirm.
Read more about how to apply in joint application at

Separate applications

Some degree programmes are not included in the joint application, and may therefore have a different application period from the joint application. For example, some university master's have their admissions open already during December 2023. 

Always check the exact application period with the university!

In separate applications, the number of programmes you can apply to is not limited, but as the name implies, you need to send in a separate application for each choice. 
Read more about how to apply in separate applications at

Applicant webinar recording

To assist you in applying, you can watch a recording of the applicant webinar we arranged with on 30th Nov 2023.

Scholarships offered by the universities

The universities and UAS's (universities of applied sciences) in Finland have scholarship options on offer for gifted non-EU students. You usually apply for the scholarship from the university or UAS at the same time when you apply for admission.

Note the special “Finland Scholarships” for university master’s applicants. These you also apply directly from the university.

Need to ask about applying?

If you have questions relating to your application, first you should check out the application advice at and on the website of the university you are applying to.

Should you need more detailed application advice, then contact the Admissions Services of the university in question. You'll find the universities’ Admissions Services contact details at