News 20.09.2023

Large number of international applicants for January 2024 study start

English-taught degree programmes continue to attract international applicants – more than 24.000 international students compete for places on the recently completed September 2023 joint application round.
Students chatting on campus

Applicant numbers on the increase

Out of approximately 9400 study places available in the recent 4-14 September joint application, out of which around 540 were English-taught degree programmes offered by universities of applied sciences (UAS). 

Altogether, around 24.000 international students applied for these English-taught options this year, which is almost 10.000 more than last year on the corresponding application round.

The most represented nationalities among the international applicants were Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, and Ghana.

Business & administration, ICT, services, and technology were the most popular study fields among the international applicants this year.
Student selection results for January 2024 study start will be published by 24th November at the latest.


Did you miss the September joint application for Jan 2024 study start? Don’t worry, admissions to studies starting in autumn (September) 2024 will be starting later on – check out our advice on bachelor's and master's admissions!