Study in Europe Day webinar

Learn about higher education in Europe in a free webinar with representatives from Study in Finland (Finland), Campus France (France), DAAD (Germany) and Nuffic Neso Russia (Netherlands).

Join representatives from Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the European Union in this unique webinar. Learn all about studying in Europe from the Russians studying there right now. In this webinar, you will receive background information about Europe and its cooperation with the Russian Federation, learn about the Erasmus + scholarship programs, and each country will tell you more about studying with them.

Finally, test your knowledge with a quiz and you can win great prizes! See you on May 26 at 17:00 Moscow time!

The webinar language is Russian.

Platform: Zoom
Date: 26.5.2021
Time: 17.00-18.45 (Moscow time)

Registration & more information:


For Russian language information on studying in Finland, also see