News 07.02.2024

Study in Finland Ambassador Program is here!

The Study in Finland Student Ambassador Program is officially launched! Delve into the authentic journeys shared by our ambassadors, offering a vibrant and genuine glimpse into the student experience in Finland. Discover the unique culture, education, and lifestyle that Finland offers, as seen through the eyes of those who live it every day.
Student ambassadors posing for a photo
Study in Finland Ambassador Team at our office in Helsinki for their first Training Day!

Imagine exploring the vibrant life of a student in Finland, not through brochures or websites, but through the real stories, photos, and videos shared by those who are living it every day. 

Our new initiative connects prospective students worldwide with our ambassadors, who are current international students in Finland, passionate about sharing their authentic study and living experiences.

Engage with our ambassadors through these distinct channels:

Your Window to Student Life in Finland

Our ambassadors are more than just students; they are storytellers, creators, and your direct link to student life in Finland. The six ambassadors were chosen from among over 100 candidates, based on pre-assignments and interviews.  

They're here to show you the ins and outs of studying in one of the most innovative and student-friendly countries in the world. By sharing their day-to-day experiences, our ambassadors will give you a taste of what you can expect when you choose Finland as your study destination.

Follow, engage, and maybe even see yourself as a future ambassador. The journey begins at

Happy Studying and Living!