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What if I do not have the possibility to provide the necessary documentation on fulfilling entry requirements?

Entry requirements depend on the studies you’d be applying to and the decisions are taken at university level, so always check these details with the university you wish to apply to. In the current situation, many universities have been flexible regarding the documentation that is required, as it may be difficult or even impossible to obtain some documentation from universities in occupied areas for example.

Am I subject to a tuition fee?  

As by current legislation, students from outside the EU/EEA area are required to pay tuition fees for bachelor’s and master’s level programmes which are taught in English. However, higher education institutions offer scholarships to cover the costs for tuition fees either partially or wholly. In the case of students fleeing Ukraine the higher education institutions in Finland have jointly decided to offer scholarships to cover the tuition fees for the academic year 2023-2024.  

There is no legal requirement to charge tuition fees for non-degree studies and open University studies, and as a rule they are offered without tuition fees for Ukraine citizens or those whose studies have been interrupted by the war.  

Decisions on fees are taken at university level, so you should check the procedure and policy with the university you wish to apply to.

I have started university studies already in the Ukraine. Can I transfer to complete them in Finland?

When it comes to possible "transfer" of your unfinished degree studies to a Finnish university, there's no ready-made national procedure for that - you'd need to contact the university of your choice and ask whether such a degree study right transfer is possible, and if yes, what the procedures and conditions are for that.  The general rule is that the right to complete a degree needs to be applied for in the normal admission process.  

Finnish universities can grant the right to complete non-degree studies to persons who have arrived in Finland and whose degree studies have been suspended at the Ukrainian higher education institution due to war. The right of completion may be granted to courses or study modules. However, it does not give the right to complete a full degree at a Finnish university.

The application for autumn’s degree programmes is already closed. What can I do?

Most degree programme studies start in September annually. For these, you usually apply between December and January, but the exact application period depends on the degree programme. While the main application period for the studies may already be over, universities may organize supplementary application rounds, or offer rolling admission.  You can find information on supplementary and ongoing applications in the Studyinfo service.


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